Carol Leynse-Harpold


Carol HarpoldContact Carol:
Phone: 262-375-2020 ext. 115

Carol Leynse-Harpold is a licensed Occupational Therapist who received a B.S. in Occupational Therapy, a Master's of Science in Adaptive Education & Assistive Technology from St. Norbert's College in De Pere, Wisconsin, Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, and earned the ATP certification from RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America). She is a valuable member of ATR's evaluation team. While working over 25 years as an occupational therapist and assisting adults and children of all ages, Carol has extensive experience in the following areas:

Conducting AT evaluations for individuals with high-level special needs.

  • Certified IntelliTools Trainer
  • Determining options in devices and services to suit clients' educational, mobility, self-care, accessibility, sensory, and environmental needs.
  • Providing occupational, ergonomic, and self-care training.
  • Referrals for a list of available solutions sources including outside agencies for DME or social service needs
  • Energy conservation & work simplification training.
  • Programming for clients both in the school, clinic, hospital and home based environment as well as working with multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary team approaches.
  • Experience with multiple methods of service delivery including direct, consultative and monitoring to meet established IEP, IFSP goals as well as acute and rehabilitation services.
  • Providing on call OT rehabilitation services to adult population in subacute and skilled nursing facilities.

Carol has a wide range of experience working with clients who have physical disabilities, low vision, and those clients with special needs, such as mobility impairments, cognitive and motor delays, emotional disorders, autism, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and other health impairments.

Additionally, Carol provides school districts in Wisconsin assistance in establishing an assistive technology team. Carol offers Master's Level Credit classes in a variety of assistive technology, develops needs assessments for district personnel, and helps to coordinate the integration of assistive technology into general curriculum.