Video magnification is a solution that can give individuals with low vision their independence once again when reading the printed word, recipes, prescription bottles and more becomes a challenge.

ATR has a variety of video magnification solutions to fit your needs including tabletop CCTVs, rotating cameras, portable video magnifiers, and handheld magnifiers.

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  1. SenseView DUO Picture


    Starting at: $495.00

    Go anywhere, anytime and read anything you need such as menus, maps, price tags, clothing sizes, medicine bottles, and the fine print on food labels simply by magnifying and adjusting the image contrast of the SenseView.  Available in three models: SenseView LIGHT, SenseView PORTABLE, and SenseView DUO.

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  2. LifeStyle HD Picture


    Starting at: $2,995.00

    LifeStyle desktop video magnifiers (CCTV) are among the most helpful macular degeneration vision aids for extended reading and writing comfort, viewing photos and pictures, and performing hobbies and crafts.

    A LifeStyle Video Magnifier is your low vision solution.  Imagine what you can do!

    • Read your personal mail

    • Browse the newspaper or favorite magazine

    • Read the label on medicine bottles

    • Read recipes and cooking directions on food items

    • View family and vacation photographs

    • Sign your own checks, address envelopes, and write greeting cards

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  3. Candy-Grip Picture

    Candy 5 HD


    CANDY 5 HD can be used as a handheld or stand magnifier for viewing items close up such as a magazine or a text book, or for viewing items at a near distance, such as a bulletin board or overhead fast food menu. CANDY 5 HD has an intuitive user-interface with high-contrast, easy-to-locate buttons and its compact size makes it easy to take along on the go. The 3-position handle makes CANDY 5 HD a great ergonomic choice for either left or right handed users.

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  4. Aumax-S Picture



    The Aumax-S is featured as Dual outputs, is extremely flexible and multifunctional, it is a powerful portable magnification solution as perfect companion serving you at work, at home, in the office, and for outdoor tasks.  Let the Aumax-S grow up with you and magnifiy your view of the world from now and forever!

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  5. Aumax-LCD Picture


    Starting at: $2,395.00

    Transportable & Multi-Purpose Video Magnifier

    The only multi-purpose low vision viewer designed with Aumed Anti-Blur™ Technology.

    Ideal for both left and right-handed students, with dual control panels on the revolving camera.  This advanced video magnifier can provide student's desktop and teacher's "chalkboard" magnification.  Camera head slides fully from left to right side of LCD Magnifier.

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  6. USB Bridge battery power source Picture

    USB Bridge

    Regular Price: $395.00

    Special Price: $296.25

    USB Bridge provides a battery operated solution to connect Acrobat, Flipper, or Max low vision devices with a desktop PC or notebook computer.

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