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One of the things that makes ATR different is our evaluation process. We feel evaluation is crucial to allow the proper equipment and training to be recommended. Our evaluation professionals will meet with you in your environment (wherever that may be) and assess your needs first hand. We welcome support staff (parents, job coaches, supervisors, teachers, IEP team members, etc.) during this process as it is most important to get input from those who work closely with you and understand your struggles.

Evaluations consist of narrative interview, hands on trialing, work/task observation, and when applicable body/environmental metrics. Once completed the evaluator compiles the gathered information into an evaluation report. This report will detail the findings & goals followed by in-depth recommendations on how to address the concerns with applicable equipment and/or training. At ATR the evaluation process is just the beginning; we offer continued support as your advocate and technical resource as long as you need our assistance.

Progress Monitoring-Case Management

In addition to our evaluation & training services we also offer general case management services. Usually these follow after the completion of an evaluation and are maintained through implementation, training, and sometimes beyond.

All too often we have found it can be extremely difficult for all of the disciplines involved to communicate progress and goals to each other. Sometimes information is shared through email, but most often important details are left uncommunicated. It is crucial for the success of our clients that all servicing parties (DVR counselors, job coaches, case coordinators, teachers, and of course the client themselves) can all share goals and progress.

ATR (through the use of various technologies) is able to create a safe digital environment where the entire “support team” (no matter their location or employer) can share information with each other openly. With this additional connectivity we are able to maximize the effectiveness of all contributing parties and thus maximize the results for our clients. 

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ATR seeks out and builds relationships with manufacturers of specialty computer software and hardware to better serve our client’s. We are constantly looking for unique technology to help individuals overcome barriers. We are proud to represent these cutting edge companies and feel like ATR, their missions are rooted in a desire to help others succeed.

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