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ATR provides a wide variety of one-on-one and small group training. Training can be provided at ATR’s office location or on-site at the client’s home, workplace or school. ATR also provides remote training for individuals with a high speed internet connection.

Product Specialists & Training Staff have in excess of 40 years of accumulated experience in adaptive technology, hardware, and software and maintain certifications in key areas. On staff are Product Specialists who are users of adaptive technology in LD & Blindness.

One-on-one training allows the instructor to teach according to the client’s specific needs. Instruction can be provided on all adaptive software programs as well as basic computer skills and the full suite of Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.). Training can also be provided on a multiple variety of low vision and blindness products, notetakers and even ergonomic settings. Individual training, whether on-site or remote, is provided in modules. This entails task-oriented instruction in skill areas such as use of a specific program or hardware function.

Depending on the level of competency of the client, subsequent training sessions may be recommended. When individual training is purchased from ATR, a follow-up progress report is provided in electronic format.

Our staff has demonstrated the ability to assess, develop training plans, monitor progress, administer evaluations and determine that outcome measures have been met. We provide formal training with instructors with proven proficiencies in all areas.

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ATR seeks out and builds relationships with manufacturers of specialty computer software and hardware to better serve our client’s. We are constantly looking for unique technology to help individuals overcome barriers. We are proud to represent these cutting edge companies and feel like ATR, their missions are rooted in a desire to help others succeed.

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