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ATR works directly with employers, job coaches, DVR counselors, and other involved parties to serve job seekers, existing employees, and employers as well! ATR is able to provide onsite job analyses with detailed evaluation reports.

Our evaluations are adjusted to suit anyone’s unique needs related to workspace accessibility, ergonomic positioning, energy conservation, work simplification, chronic pain, visual access, etc. Our goals in the workplace are to remove employee barriers, increase efficiency, and improve overall workplace access.

• Low Vision Products

• Blindness Products

• Learning Disabilities Products

• Computer Access Products

• Environmental Access Products

We are ready to work with you to achieve your goals in the workplace on an individual or corporate level.

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ATR seeks out and builds relationships with manufacturers of specialty computer software and hardware to better serve our client’s. We are constantly looking for unique technology to help individuals overcome barriers. We are proud to represent these cutting edge companies and feel like ATR, their missions are rooted in a desire to help others succeed.

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Local Phone: 262-375-2020
Toll Free Phone: 800-770-8474
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